Garden Portrait

I gaze at the garden still-life as if

Paint pots spilled on nature’s canvas.

The landscape awash with seas of greens.

While new chartreuse waves lap over the trees,

Fire rages next to the fence,

Flames of crimson gaillardia lick the air,

Igniting over and over again.

While lemon yellow dandelions leap high,

And pale ashes remain to dance with the wind. 

Wine cups overflowing magenta

Seem to rest high on the garden table.

They beckon and nod to me

Their rim tipped by the weight

Of a butterfly’s iridescent wing.

Starry phlox glow lavender forming new

Constellations in an azure sky.

Snowflake daisies swirl and drift

Reminiscent of cooler breezes in another season.

A scene never to be caught in a gilt frame,

But etched in memory forever.


The first day of summer

June, 2009


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