It Feels Like Fall

Gardening is sometimes a guilty pleasure.  I stayed up quite late last night grading and  preparing materials for my seventh grade English classes.  I opted out of my usual morning walk to work at school early.  There’s so much to do!  However as I prepared to dress, I heard my name whispered on the breeze and felt the golden spot light of the morning sun.  My name is Pat, and I couldn’t resist; I toured my garden while leaving my other tasks behind.  It feels like fall outside.  The temperature  cool, the humidity gone, and the sun bright. 

After the rains last week, the vegetation is emerald green and standing tall.  The beauty berries are purple and the puce fall lilies have added to their show, but the predominant color is a soft periwinkle blue, even though fall asters have not  begun to bloom.

This may be the perfect day.  Uh, oh!  The guilt has seized me by the throat as the clock flashed 9:23:57.  I must hurry to school, but I will remember– and hear the breeze, feel the sun’s warmth, and smell the garden’s fragrance as they bring me repose throughout the day.


A Heat Tsunami

The heat washes over everything with such intensity that terming this weather a “heat wave” is inadequate.  We have had twelve triple digit temperature days in a row.  We are expecting tomorrow to be number 13!The last three days have set all-time records for daily highs. 

I attended long and taxing (TAKS-ing for you Texas educators) training today at the Region 13 Education Service Center across town (from far SW to far NE) from me.  While driving  the 25 miles home, the car’s thermometer rose to 109 degrees at city center.  As I crossed Town Lake, Barton Springs, and into a more suburban landscape, the temperature dropped to 104.  In my own garden, the thermometer registers 101.  My mantra for the day: Plant more gardens, plant more gardens, plant more gardens.

Before I even put my purse and books down, I stepped out on the deck with Ginger and Candy. The sight, sounds, and smells of the garden refreshed my mind and body.   Plant more gardens, plant more gardens, plant………..