School, school, and more school, and grandchildren

We have finished the first six weeks of the fall term, and I am struggling to keep up with the demands.  We have had a lot of flu in classes, both a variety of stomach flu and H1N1.  My local grandchildren and their mom and dad have suffered the former, and I have tried to help out with the little ones.  These duties have kept me from the garden and writing.

We had the large oaks pruned on Friday.  It is amazing that during an extreme drought, the trees grow as much as they do.  Some branches  touched the house and the roof. However, we have watered within the restrictions all summer long, so they have not stressed. More sunlight will reach the lawn and various parts of the garden.  Early Saturday morning before grading and babysitting, I quickly counted 30 species blooming (roses, cranesbills and other geraniums, etc. are all counted as one species).

Our fall has been cool and dampish.  We have not received much rain but a lot of drizzle.  Perhaps it only seems cool in contrast to the Hades-like heat of the summer.